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You know like in the movies when it ends with a scream...? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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my coolest day ever [Sep. 3rd, 2006|10:02 pm]
I just had a sudden urge to write a post so I thought I would because I hate the way myspace has completely taken over our cyber network when livejournal is sooo much better. Simply for the fact that on livejournal you actually get to voice things that really mean something to you, I guess myspace seems that little more superficial. Not knocking ANYBODY who has one, cos I do think they are cool and I can spend hours on it without even owning one so I do understand the massive hype. I just love reading Natacha's posts because they are always so interesting and there is never anything on the same level on myspace, it's more like things I look at and laugh about.

I don't want to talk about how sick the holidays have been cos nowadays they mostly always are and I don't want to complain about going back to school cos it is an inevitable that we must face every break, but it is stil fucking hard though.

Ryan got tickets for the Brazil-Argentina match, and I know many diehard fans would kill for a ticket but at no point was I truly excited, the whole experience was quite surreal, even sitting in the actual stadium was like 'wow-this is WEIRD MAN'. The atmosphere was amazing though, it was nice seeing everyone around you ecstatic over such a simple thing. Small pleasures are supposedly the best highs. It made me feel like Amelie watching from a distance cos I didn't feel the same level of joy but I could understand it. I love that film so much. I need to watch more foreign films, they need full concentration though. 'Are you afraid?' is such an amazing film, we watched it in film studies and it's just sooo good. I think it's set in Spain and it's about this boy(1) and this other boy(2) who has been kidnapped and kept down a hole and his kidnappers are demanding a ransom from his family. The boy(1) stumbles across the hole one time when he is cycling with his friends in this field, at first he is scared but he returns the next day and begins to help this boy(2) but as he is helping him survive and plotting an escape for him, he realises that his dad and his friends are the kidnappers. The ending is really good-you should all watch it.

(no subject) [Feb. 18th, 2006|10:36 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |Coffee and Tv-Blur]

Argh! I get really annoyed with myself when I decide to stay in, I don't know why, I think I have issues with staying in my house. I don't really like my house that much, so it's like a big relief when I go out or go to somebody else's house, because that way I only talk to people I want to rather than people I have to talk to. Plus its just an easy way to escape the shitload amount of work I have to do...ridiculous how I haven't even started my coursework. I'm seriously lacking on the intellectual side of things this holiday-mostly been blazing my brains away. Not good at all. Also, did jackshit today...actually did nothing, didnt even bother to change out of my pyjamas-how awful.

Last night was kinda funny too. I hate when it gets really late and you still have no idea about what you are doing, where you are going and who you're spending your night with but I love when in like 5 mins you just decide to leave your house and do whatever. Went to Sean's party/cotch thing and did the inevitable thing of picking up, even though Gloria insisted 3 hrs before she was off draw...It was really good, was really nice seeing people like Daisy and Clare, cos it's been really long since I've spoken to any of them face-to-face properly. So that was cool.

Love seeing people off their faces.

Hate the taste of alcohol.

Love being tipsy and lean but still having control.

Hate getting back home.Cos no-one never goes in the same fucking direction...oh how I wished I lived in Clapham or Balham. Even Streatham.

Love lime-wire.

Hate nasty pervy men in tracksuits that follow you and your friends around and try to seduce you in the most unattractive, window-licker voice and later wag their tongues at you.Ha! (not me thank fuck...Gloria)

Love friends making nights fun and meaningful.

(no subject) [Jan. 10th, 2006|04:29 pm]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |Oasis-She's elsectric]

I know we've kinda had an overload of drum&bass recently but I think we should all make the effort to go to this one thing in ten days because it is free. Its some drum&bass arena classics album launch party in ministry from 10.30 to 5 on friday 20th. Just text CLASSICS to 81330 for free entry. There is no guarantee that it will be great but if we all go we can make it sick plus it will be a change from mass, although is it really hard to get into ministry with our ids cos someone told me it was the other day...?

DJ zinc
Mampi Swift
Diesel Boy
Chase & Status (ming can do his special dance)

Also Skinnyman will be there and someone called MC Ballistic which I thought was quite funny, never heard of him though...but yeah.

Today was cold and boring, at the moment the thing I most look forward to is lunch at Tom's because of the warmth and the amount of times I laugh in that place, it is sooo good. I just can't seem to cope with the feeling of pressure again, I got too used to just sitting around and going out whenever in the holidays. I didn't do a bit of work in those holidays and I want it back so badly, routine is shite.

I'm in two minds about what to do this weekend aswell, I'm thinking maybe inigo but why. Apparently mass is 10 not really expensive as I paid fucking 12(wasnt impressed but it was really good so whatever) for the 23rd but I can't go on my own-I don't think anyone else will go cos of that. Whatever happens I think it should be exceedingly good because I was such a hermit last weekend...I only went shopping on my own...yes I'm a big fat loser!!! Ha, on that note...

(no subject) [Nov. 23rd, 2005|05:11 pm]
[mood |productiveproductive]
[music |Kano- Reload It]

So lunch at Mint was rather nice. I love a full english, amazing how something so simple tastes so good. Had a nice chat during and after it whilst sipping on an icy coke, aaahh the wonders. The man who served us was possibly the nicest stranger I have encountered in a loooooooong while, he was just so sweet. We told him he was really nice and he was like, 'I was just about to say that you lot were really nice customers', so we left a little tip. He didn't charge Emma for her food because she didn't want baked beans and he forgot. Came back to the barrier feeling rather satisfied. I wish there were better places to eat near school, like at the shops. They really should think about building a Greggs and a Starbucks, they'd make so much money, whilst fucking cafe de niro people realised what they had before and how they abused it.

My tongue is really ok now, I can eat with absolutely no problems now. I'm so happy, I thought it would never get back to normal, now I can feel my tongue has gone down in size too cos I can play with the ball and feel the bar. Fantastic.

School was okay today, though I'm a bit disappointed that Mr Smith wasnt in for our last CAS cos I really wanted to watch the last bit of the film. I think we should be allowed to miss our first session of our new thing to see it, actually I really want to just carry on with film. Fuck trampolining, fuck having to bring in a kit every week. Film was so comfy.

I'm really annoyed that everyone has deciding that this weekend will be the clubbing weekend because I can't come, which is a bit of a bummer. I was hoping that maybe, just maybe people would be like lets start our great clubbing weekend on Friday but its not gonna happen. Oh well.

Has anyone seen Lady Sovereign's new video, aside form the fact the song is shite and all that, I really want one of those hoodies because on the back it says 'Save the hoodie' but then again on the front it says 'Lady Sovereign'. She is a joker.

(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2005|05:52 am]
[mood |sickin the good way]

Im watching neighbours at the moment and this new girl is trying to persuade her dad to let her stay at erinsborough high and she's like, 'dad do you know that bad can mean good and sometimes sick mean even better'. Damn neighbours is 'cool', what a massive joke. Anyway it feels so weird to be back online, i just had the nicest bit of home-made lasagne...BUFF!

Today was fucking freeezing!!! I need my scarves back (Ming and Fran, hint hint) as it is getting too cold for my neck- its slowly dying on me. I kinda wish there were fireworks going on this weekend too or maybe im just wishing for something a little like magic to happen. Or I could just go shopping but I'll spend all my boots money and I'm determined not to.

I'm no longer feeling the barrier or the park, its really weird cos im always like lets go to the park but when i get there its too cold to enjoy the rides so i just dont bother. Does anyone else not find couples in the winter really annoying unless you're part of one, they're just so...aargh! Not all of them and not for all of the winter, but I just think its more obvious in the Winter probably cos its cold so they love up. Where is that club thing tomorrow and whats the name of the club cos I totally forgot and it was really bugging me on my way home, I'm trying to figure out if I'm gonna go or not. I should cos its cheap and I haven't been clubbing for ages but I shouldn't cos I'll feel bad, cos last week i was supposed to go to Caesars for Hannah's birthday but didn't go cos I really didn't feel like a club at the time. I do now. Not the weapon, the place. I've also got this really bad picture of Caesars in my head so that kinda put me off too, I did want to go cos of Hannah but I thought what is the point of spending £20 to sit down and do jack when i can do that at home for free. Plus I really was tired, really.

My mum promised me a massage on Sunday and she still hasn't given me one and my back really hurts, I don't know why though...baffled.

Today I only had two lessons, pathetic. I hate those days that make you wonder what was your whole point of being in. I actually can't wait till New Years Eve, its like what I'm living for at the moment. Oh yeah and christmas for the food and gifts and the automatic good mood everyone is always in. I get so excited when that Coca-Cola ad comes on, its like highlight of my year...KIDDING! It is truly fantastic though, you always have to sing along, its nore fun that way. My leg really hurts from standing cos it is so cramped in my sister's room so I'm gonna ski-daddle, if thats how you spell it...suggestions anybody? ha ha

Amy is at my house!!!!! [Jun. 29th, 2005|08:45 pm]
[mood |thirstythirsty]

It has actually been so long since I came on this and everyone has been asking me to update so i thought I would.
I know it was like 2 days ago but NSF was so good i really enjoyed it, I think it was the best one I've been to. The Drum and Bass room was so amazing, I loved the amount of energy everyone had in there. The hiphop room was alright at first but then they started to repeat songs and me and Amy were like 'Where is the drum and bass room?' We got some free T-shirts which was quite good, we'll be wearing them to bed. I swear like everyone in the drum and bass room was on something. Can't wait till the next house party, I was really impressed by the fact Coco's didn't turn out to be rubbish. It was really good! Also, our lovely new year 10 friends were there: Rachel and Daniel Ajegbo!! Seana, we hate you! They are so beautiful, I love him, he is just such a buffting! Oh my gosh when we got home from NSF it was actually daylight, it was unreal. Can't wait till we can finally go to Fabrico and rave it out!! It is going to be OFF THE HOOK - true Maxi style! Seana please hurry with our ID, we are prepared to pay the extra 5 pounds. Its cool. Can't believe that all you lot are off to Paris, you little sluts, me and Amy are so jealous! Can't wait till you're back so we can carry on our fabulous break with all the parties and shit.
oh my god i am actually in love with Amy and her hairy legs...Amy's words not mine.
Me and Amy went Oxford Street to search for our prom dresses and we were successful, but Amy actually bought hers I'm going back for mine tomorrow and maybe some shoes if I can afford it. We have to do some serious saving in time for our massive shopping trip with Gloria and Charlotte, I am so excited, my shopping list is so long. It is quite depressing in a way cos i don't think my budget quite covers it! Awful!
Some things I really want:
*Fred Perry polo top
*Footless tights or leggings
*Lacoste jumper
*Vintage Adidas trainers
Finally got my fucking mini ipod... haha. I was beginning to think it would never happen and it is pink, how cool! Have to get so much songs but I haven't even started, i'm really paranoid about getting taken to court since I read this article in the paper. It feel like it was a sign.
Albums I want on it:
*Ordinary boys
*Bloc Party
*Old skool garage
*Old skool hiphop
*Drum and bass
*The Killers

Oh yeah Gloria and Charlotte me and Amy wrote out your playlist so your dance and garage CD is on its way! Look forward to seeing your smiling faces when you hear it!!

Also people, I'm getting a tattoo very soon. I'm in the process of designing it and making sure i want it. Hopefully I'll get it within the next month. So excited.

Anyway me and Amy say peace and love!

Coming of age.... [Apr. 16th, 2005|06:27 pm]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |zoot!!! Dr.mags IS a joka]

Hey people!! I'm at my cousin's house at the moment and I'm rather bored and hungry and I know I should really go home and do some revision but I can't be bothered. So i came on this.

This week has been so hard I'm just so happy because I don't have to go to school today or tomorrow!! Nothing much has been happening this week though apart from some rubbish but think its all clear now, great stuff. I need to get home and finish off some tech and my business coursework, can't believe I'm still doing some of this things.

Yesterday I went out to Beefeater for my birthday with Tiffany, Hannah, Amy and Katie,my mum, my sisters, cousins and a couple of their friends who I've known for years. Oh, and my sister's boyfriend came and he is BUFF!! Oh my days we were all just staring at him. It was funny though cos Amy must have seen him in the window when they were coming in and she leant back so she could see him not knowing who he was. Then him and my sister came in and we just started laughing. He was nice. I had a rack of ribs and was quite pleased with it, I nearly finished the whole thing which sounds quite nasty in a way but it was good. Amy, Hannah and Tiffany got some massive dessert it was really nice but also really sickly, Amy took like one spoonful and just put down her spoon and Hannah and Tiff were having sugar rushes I swear! Then we had some baileys which was lovely I wish I had some right now. I got quite a few goodies aswell, I got some dangly earrings which are really nice- I've wanted some for quite a while, some make-up, 80 pounds from one of my sisters, a watch and I already got my mum and dad's present. And them lot are on the way as I type to give me my present from them (Hannah, Amy and Tiffany). All in all a good 16th. Hope all you lot had a good time for Gemma's aswell.

I can't wait to eat!! I wish that when you turned 16 things actually changed a bit more and you understood more stuff and basically everything was more perfect but its like the complete opposite. They make such a big deal out of turning 16 but its like all you can do is have sex legally, smoke legally and get married. People younger do most of it anyway. I was talking about it with my sister and her work colleague and I was like I could never get married now, like it wouldn't even cross my mind. Also, I think its so dumb that you have to be 18 to drink legally but you can smoke at 16, I swear smoking does more damage to you?! But I suppose when you drink you're more likely to get into trouble and harm others.

I've realised I can't type well on this I keep making mistakes and having to go back where I see them, actually the computer I type best on is my one at home. We have a connection.
I just got my gift from them 3!! white converses and a nice top. Great!
I'm off now!

Someone came to school on their belly and another person came without their fucking keys!! [Mar. 22nd, 2005|09:46 pm]
[mood |rushedrushed]
[music |The Isley brothers- For the love of you]

Yesterday I was locked out of my house till 19:15, can you believe it!!! I was so annoyed with myself after I analysed the situation; because of my stupid annoying self I stayed at scholl till 5 and got home around half past. Now if I was clever and didn't wait around so much I would have got in before my dad left and the fact that I forgot my keys wouldn't have mattered, because my dad would have opened the door for me. But no, thats not what happened. If I had credit it wouldn't have been so bad. I was so bored and I kinda started going crazy all hunched up on my welcome mat, I got out a piece of paper and started writing to myself. The challenge was to write as small as I possibly could. How sad- what boredom does to you!
It says:
I can't believe I'm locked out my house
I must look like a right idiot whose forgotten her keys- how dumb am I?
And I am also so hungry I could eat Ben or Sam's brain, hmmmnn tasty like KFC!
I'm chatting so much bollocks
Shit my next door neighbour who is Jermaine's dad (yes, my future father in law) just walked past me he must've thought what a dumb, fucking stupid girl she is. And now yes Jermaine just walked out of some car- oh the embarassment.
The streetlights are now on and its made me realise how dark its gotten.
I am now trying to come to terms with the fact I might be on this mat for quite a long time.
Jermaine is so utterly buff he is going to be my husband.
This is going to stop because I can no longer see.

Now to the second part of this entry- snakes. Its dedicated to all the people who talk about others behind their backs and pretend to be their friends to their faces- and it really has got to stop.
Last week it was just stronger than ever for Graveney girls but it is so dumb. Come on think about it, there are some people who you'll never see again once we break up for good. So I think everyone would feel a whole lot better if they just held in all the evilness and bad shit and just let out all the happiness and good vibes.
There, my attempt to be Jerry Springer at the end of his shows is over, I bet you're all thinking thank fuck for that!

(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2005|06:38 pm]
[mood |busybusy]

The thingy is out tomorrow but I got it in the post today, it is sooooooo weird!! Please, if you happen to see it, just don't watch the before pic. I didn't know what they meant when they said it was happening so I may look slightly confused or just really ugly but there is no pose. And plus on top of it all my hair looks kinda picky, I'm not gonna lie. Thats enough of cussing myself though...

Today was the much anticipated maths trip which turned out to be kinda crappy. But fuck me, the rudegirls turned out in their flocks!! There were masses of them but not that many rudeboys. Eugh, then you had your chavs, which were funny. Hannah was like 'what did they do before GHDs', it was so true. The girls looked so manufactured and the boys just looked chavvy, one of them had on these horrible beige loafers.

Then there was this BUFF asian boy, he was so nice, Seana pointed out the resemblance to Usher. We had a debate about who was buffer- him or Nazibur. I thought him.

All day I was hooked on them fucking scoubidou things. At first I really didn't see the fascination with them but once you know how to do them its a good way to kill time.

Poor Morwenna nearly got squashed in between the doors trying to get on the train, it was hilarious! And the amount of times Sam shamed himself was unbelievable. He tried to chirpse one of the chavs and she weren't having any of it, but she wasn't even that pretty herself so she had a bit of a cheek. But before that, they were doing some thing where you had to volunteer and come up and do some walking thing. So Sam being the idiot got up but someone got there before him so he tried to style it out by going in to some corner. When the person had finished he started walking towards the front to do it and the man was like 'ok, lets turn to question 8'!! I was cracking up.

It was alright but I don't think it was worth 12 pounds but in a way it was worth the day off school. Plus it was worth seeing Sam's shameful day!

Sorry Edward for not getting on the bus with you but Katie got her ears pierced so I tagged along to see them.

Really! [Feb. 26th, 2005|10:26 pm]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Routine check- Mitchell Brothers]

I swear I must have said that word about a thousand times yesterday!! So many revelations came out, I was so shocked. Stuff I never ever thought would happen did, I feel so bad!

Pizza express was quite nice its been so long since we'd been out, especially like for dinner. I though I'd broaden my horizons and try Sloppy Giuseppe, (I think thats how its spelt). Cos we met up at like 9 and finished eating around 11 it felt really weird to just go home, so we ended up at Hannah's house. Fucking fell asleep at like 2!!! I was so so ti-red ( Seana style!).

We saw Gillian from 6th form, I love her she is so sweet and her and her boyfriend are so cute. They are the official buff couple. Whe she saw us she was like 'Hi girlies!', oh I love, and she waved. Nick is also so buff (yr 13).

Has anybody watched 'Kids' it is like the greatest film for teenagers all over. Its just so great. We tried to watch it last night but we were conked out, so we watched it this morning. There is like so much fucking in it. It is such a wonderful way to show what teenagers' lives are like. Its kinda sad though, cos this kid goes round fucking all these virgins bareback cos he likes the feel of them and there like 12/13!! Little does he know he has AIDS, so now all these virgins have got it from the first time. He has sex with some girl around his age and hes her first and she goes to the clinic with her friend to get tested, and her friend whos like done everything is all clear and she had sex with him and she finds out shes got an STD. So she goes looking for him but can't find him so she goes to a nightclub and gets fucked up on drugs. Then she goes back to the house where they all hang out and finds him fucking another virgin and she goes to sleep on the couch without telling him of course, cos he was far too busy! Then some other boy who is rather nice is drunk and drugged up gets jealous cos his friend is having sex so he undresses the girl on the couch and fucks her so now hes got it. Terrible. But it is so good. Chloe Sevigny is in it (shes the first time girl), I love her, shes so pretty. She was in 'Boys dont cry' another great film. I love the ending, its like 'The Catcher in the Rye'. It doesn't really end. Really good film and tomorrow Morwenna, I shall watch 13 hopefully and be able to give it back on Monday.

Didn't do much today, just went round to my cousin's house after Hannah's, which meant I didn't have to public transport it back to my house looking like a tramp.

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